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Our next goals and dates envisaged for completion:

GoalResponsibleComplete by
Saving sessions and restoring them (only for post-mortem analysis for now)keJuly 2010
Integration of a source code editor for TRALE, controls for compiling the grammar, starting a parse etc.keSeptember 2010
Release of a simple SWI debugger based on KahinakeSeptember 2010
Integration of an execution profiler into KahinakeOctober 2010
Release of a version of TuLiPA that uses Kahina to visualize parsing processesjdOctober 2010

Plans for the time between October 2010 and March 2011, not final, not completely assigned and not scheduled yet:

General overhaul of tree viewjd
Port of trale-sld to SWIke
Allow user to customize the perspective (i.e. the arrangement of windows)jd
Managing profiles, including perspective, breakpoints and other pointsjd
Elements of a graphical grammar development toolbox
Fix various mysterious graphics bugsjd