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Our next goals and dates envisaged for completion:

GoalResponsibleComplete by
Prototype version of TuLiPA that uses Kahina to visualize parsing processesjdOctober 2010
Release of a simple SWI debugger based on KahinakeNovember 2010
Integration of a source code editor for TRALE, controls for compiling the grammar, starting a parse etc.keNovember 2010
Allow user to customize the perspective (i.e. the arrangement of windows)jdDecember 2010
Managing profiles, including perspective, breakpoints and other pointsjdJanuary 2011
General overhaul of tree viewjdMarch 2011
Elements of a graphical grammar development toolboxjdAugust 2011

Plans of other things to happen in 2011, not final, not completely scheduled yet:

Port of trale-sld to SWIke
Fix various mysterious graphics bugsjd